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  • Sydney: Tourist attractions with amazing beaches. Don't go out west though unless you want to get shanked.
  • Melbourne: Shopping, coffee, AFL, Frankston is the big no-no.
  • Brisbane: Gold Coast and theme parks. Don't you fucking call it BrisVegas! It's a pretty shithole
  • Adelaide: The Great Australian Bight. Nothing else.
  • Darwin: Crocodiles, snakes. Shit all but red dirt.
  • Hobart: Beautiful scenery. Incest.
  • Perth: Amazing beaches, rich cunts. Don't go to the end of the train lines.
  • Canberra: Parliament. That's it.<p>this is so accurate.... </p>

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    Anonymous: You're cute

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    Anonymous: you are so ugly I don't know why people say you are attractive


    sry have u seen me likeĀ 

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